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 Training Requirements

The state of West Virginia has minimum basic training requirements to be a member of a volunteer fire department. All members are required to obtain this baseline training within one year of joining the fire department. Most members go beyond the basics and participate in hundreds of hours of training during their career. The following is a break down of the classes needed and the classroom hours for each class.

         Firefighter 1 - 120 hours
         Hazardous Materials Awareness- 8 hours
         Basic First Aid- 8 hours
         Healthcare Provider CPR- 8 hours


 How do I become a member?

 Stop by the fire station located at 8009 Winchester Avenue in Inwood. You need to complete a membership application and return it to the fire department. All applications are reviewed by our Board of Directors then sent on to our monthly membership meeting. The membership will then vote the member into the department pending a criminal background check. Every new member is required to serve a six month probationary period. During this probationary period, the new member will have the opportunity to complete the basic training classes and become familiar with our apparatus, equipment, and other members.






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