Established 1956

Bingo Every Friday Night At Our Substation. Doors Open At 5pm. Early Birds Start At 6:30pm. Bingo Starts At 7pm.








Fire Engine Restored

At a cost of $1,000 the Fire Company was able to purchase back the first engine that was purchased back in 1957. The unit was placed out back of the substation in hopes of one day being able to restore it back to original condition as possible. That became a reality when Sheriff Randy Smith decided to help the Fire Company with their dreams. The unit was taken to a local shop and was stripped down and sand blasted. Then painted, parts replaced or chromed, new interior, new glass, and work done mechanically. The project went on for a little over a year but we now have a piece of history to be proud of. We could never express enough thanks or how grateful we are to Randy. THANKS AGAIN




Fire Engine Paid In Full

Recently the Fire Company received the title to the 2009 Pierce Engine known as Engine 20. The Fire Company financed the $560,000 unit for 11 years at $39,000 a year payment. The members worked very hard at fundraising to be able to make extra principal payments each year to pay off the loan in just four years. One of our best sources of income would be from the generous men and women that attend our Friday night bingo. Without them and without the members that dedicate each Friday night there this would not of happened so soon. 





Career Day

Each year Gerrardstown Elementary School holds a career day. This year the fire department was invited again to participate in the event. Firefighter Donnie Shade along with Fire Chief Rick Petry and Captain Glenn Macher took engine 22 and spent the morning going over the equipment, going over the engine and explaining the process of becoming a firefighter and some things they have to look foward to. As always there were a lot of questions from what's it like in a fire to why is your fire engine green. We really enjoyed being able to help out.




Fifth Annual Sportsman's Bash

On Saturday May 24th @ 1300hrs. the first ticket was drawn to begin the 5th year in a row of a very successful fundraiser. Once again the members gathered at the Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds to serve food, sell cash tips, sell tips on guns and spend time together with family and friends. With a little over 1100 tickets sold and around 300 people showing up the department was able to bring in over $6,000. Shep's Sporting Goods handled the guns and background checks. PJ Burroughs was in charge of the event. Brent Orsini was in charge of the food.  





Fill-In at Company 1, Martinsburg FD

In the early morning of May 16th, MFD was on the scene of a large working structure fire in the city.  With all of their units and multiple Berkeley County units tied up on the scene Company 20 was dispatched for a fill-in.  A crew took E-20 to Company 1 from 0238 hrs to 0603 hrs.  No additional incidents were dispatched during the fill.



Fatal MVA on I-81

On Thursday May 2nd Company 20 was dispatched for a traffic accident with confirmed entrapment on I-81 at the 8 mile marker.  Additional information was a vehicle lost control and rolled over multiple times in a construction zone with the possibility of multiple construction workers injured.  Squad 25 responded followed by E-22 and Attack 20 along with multiple medic units from BCEAA.  Squad 25 arrived to find one vehicle off the road and on its top.  E-22 arrived taking the blocking position, DC-20 established command.  The vehicle had drove through some construction cones, lost control and struck a construction truck and a skid loader before coming to rest on its top.  The driver of the vehicle was trapped but confirmed priority 4 by EMS.  No construction workers were injured during the accident.  After the medical examiner arrived on scene the victim was extricated.  Crews went in service at 2232 hrs.










Monthly Training Drills

On the second Wednesday of each month the members of South Berkeley VFC meet at the 167th Air National Guard Fire Department @ 1800hrs for our monthly training drill. We started training together sometime last summer arriving there @ 1800hrs and after a little classroom portion we would get into a whole lot of hands on. We've went over the Denver Drill, Columbus Drill, Search and Rescue, Mayday and we did ladder bails. Each month the members look forward for the next time. Very good training at a very good facility. Next training drill July 10th @ 1800hrs.






First Due Structure Fire

On Friday April 4th at 2126 hrs Company 20 was just clearing another incident when the tones dropped for a structure fire at 608 Torytown Rd.  Prior to units arriving on scene a "glow" could be seen from a distance.  E-22 arrived on scene to find an outbuilding fully involved which was located very close to a large storage shed.  DC-20 established command and requested additional tankers bringing ET-50 and ANG Tanker 9.  Crews went to work with two 1.75" hand-lines and made quick work of the fire.  Additional crews arrived from Company 20, FC 13 and the 167th ANG and began the overhaul process.  The building was full of fire wood at the time of the fire meaning lots of overhaul.  Everyone worked hard and crews were able to clear the scene at 2247 hrs.  Units on scene were E-20, 22, Mobile 20, FC Tanker 13, 167 ANG Tanker 9.  ET-50 was placed in service prior to arrival.